Sparkling new ring is on your finger, everyone knows you are engaged, now it’s time to tell everyone and begin planning for the Wedding day! We live in an age where everyone is on their phone all the time, but never talking on it. Everyone likes to text, go on social media, download new apps, or even use the fast aging email. A great way to stay with the times and ensure that everyone knows about the Wedding, and most of all can interact together, would be with a Wedding app of sorts. Look no further than Appy Couple This app is very practical for the engaged couple for simplifying the planning process and creating a “brand” of your Wedding day. Appy Couple is a service that will provide you with a Wedding website, as well as an App for yourself and your guests. This app has many benefits, but we will highlight our favorite features below.

Guestlist management – Group guests together, connect Facebook and email to build your guest list. RSVP’s can even be made through the site or the app. This is great because who uses paper anymore? Who has an address book?

Photo Gallery – Guests can point and shoot photos and it all goes to your gallery online and on the phone! No need to #hashtag the wedding to ensure it all goes in one place, just use Appy Couple

Sharing features – Instant messaging of information to utilize with your bridal party, planner, wedding DJ, or anyone else. This makes information sharing seamless

Photo Sharing – Instantly share photos from your gallery to social media, email, or messaging. Anything to make sharing easier, right?

There are many styles available to make sure your wedding has the right look and feel you want to share with your guests. If you are having a rustic wedding in the Central Florida area, you may want the “Rustic” layouts. Maybe you are having a wedding in Gulf Coast area and maybe you want Elegant, Playful, or Deco. Pricing is very reasonable, and best of all you only have to pay once! There are no monthly payments needed. The Boutique Collection or Luxury Collection are the two choices.

We believe that this app will help you plan the big day, give your wedding a brand, and most of all, it will impress your friends and family! So go ahead and Create a gorgeous wedding website and wedding app. Choose from over 100 styles to complement your wedding. You’ll be up and running in minutes.

Congratulations on your engagement! To purchase your new Wedding App, visit Appy Couple and also feel free to share this post across social media to other engaged couples that may benefit from all the cool features of this program!

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