Wedding Father/Daughter Dance ideas

The father/daughter dance is one of the most special moments at a wedding.  When selecting a song, it can be tough to narrow it down.  There will be many that will speak to you in terms of the words in the song and your relationship with your father.  Below is a list...

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What song to play next?

Often times, happy clients of mine will ask me, "It was a great event, how do you know what to play all night long".  Well, the reality is that I don't always "know" exactly what to play, but there are some strategies or actions I use to overcome not knowing what I...

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Propose at Someone’s Wedding?

  What if you are at a wedding and someone proposes at this wedding, but it isn't the Groom to the Bride?  Well, lately the media has been up in arms about a photo that went viral! It was a picture of someone proposing to a girl with the Bride and Groom in the...

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