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Our Online Planner makes it simple, easy and convenient for you to plan the music and special events for your wedding from the comfort of your own home (or at work. Don’t worry, we won’t tell your boss.)

Once you reserve your event with us, you’ll be given a username and password that will allow you access to our Online Planner. You’ll be able to start filling in your details and then save them to work on at a later date. Plus we will be able to access your information, making communication as thorough as possible.

The Special Request section of our planner allows you to listen to snippets of each song through iTunes so you can even preview your selections. You can create a “Must Play” list, a “Play If Possible” list and, of course, everybody’s favorite: “Do Not Play” list. Plus if you have any special dedications that you want made, you can select the song and let us know what to announce.

Of course, we still encourage a face to face “Final Details” appointment with us before the wedding. If you need any suggestions or have any questions that need answers, we are always here to help.

Once you’re ready to begin, fill out your log-in credentials and start planning your event.

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