Below are some of the services that Black Tie DJ Entertainment can offer you for your event!

Dance Floor Lighting

Black Tie DJ Entertainment offers Dance Floor lighting as part of the Silver Package if it is something you wish to have.  It sets the mood for the dancing with some fun lighting.  Many brides also want to keep it very elegant and have no lights, either way, it’s your choice!

Wedding Uplighting

Uplighting for your wedding can be a very good idea depending on the venue.  The lighting really helps transform the room and look magical!  Guests really like the experience that it creates.  There are some venues that already offer uplighting and there are some venues that are very rustic and it would be best to leave it without lighting.  Talk to us to find out if it is right for your wedding!

Ceremony Service

Most weddings today typically have the ceremony at the same location of the reception.  If this is the case with your wedding, we can help!  For an additional charge, or part of the Gold package, we can provide ceremony service for you on the big day!  We will customize the prelude music and work with you to get the perfect ceremony soundtrack!  

Photo Booth

Photo booths can be a lot of fun to let your guests have fun with props and various poses to share on social media or to print out.  Through a few partners of ours at Black Tie DJ Entertainment, we are able to offer Photo Booth services to you on your wedding day.  Please ask us about it when inquiring about your wedding!

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