Often times, happy clients of mine will ask me, “It was a great event, how do you know what to play all night long”.  Well, the reality is that I don’t always “know” exactly what to play, but there are some strategies or actions I use to overcome not knowing what I should play.

First, during the planning phase of the wedding, I ensure to have a request list filled out online by the Bride and Groom.  This list serves a great purpose, it gives me an idea of the songs that the Bride and Groom want to hear, and what they don’t want to hear.  During the night if I am not sure which direction to go in, I can always look at this list and incorporate the requests of the Bride and Groom.

Second, I take a look at what is happening out on the dance floor!  That is certainly the best tool I have.  For instance if I just played a great 80’s anthem and everyone is out there having a great time and dancing, it might be good to do another.  This is typically called playing songs in “sets”.  This is perhaps the most important way to decide on the music being played.  I have had couples that want to provide me a “pre paid” list of music to play.  The only problem with that is the human element is gone!  We don’t know which of those types of music will work or won’t work.

Lastly, I also take a look at the music that has worked in the past.  It is a very good tool to see that a song worked to a group of 200 guests, there must be some sort of “pudding” in that song.  While everyone’s wedding and guests are unique, there are certain songs that just seem to work whenever played to a large audience.

It isn’t always easy to know which song to play next, but the above tools help out with this.  Black Tie DJ Entertainment provides a wedding with no “dead air” at all!  We ensure that when one song ends, the next begins, unless there is some sort of announcement or formally that will be going on next.

Medeiros Black Tie DJ Entertainment is based out of Tampa, Florida and serves all surrounding areas; Sarasota, St Petersburg, Clearwater, Orlando.  Call/text us at 813.539.0034

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